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I selected the best French speciality foods handmade with love by fabulous artisans.

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  • Truffle
  • Foie gras

    Our foie gras is made in France by duck breeders and producers of foie gras in Bearn and Yonne. In order to guarantee us perfect traceability, our foie gras producers take care of the entire production “chain”. He buys the ducklings from their first day, raises them freely for 4 and a half months in exemplary conditions and then concocts his delicious canned artisanal duck foie gras. Know-how, naturalness and respect are the watchwords of our passionate producers! They also make other duck products.

  • Pâté & Rillettes

    Discover our selection of artisanal pâtés, artisanal rillettes and other Provençal terrines. Black Bigorre pork, free-range duck, rabbit, deer and wild boar... here all the pâtés are artisanal, made with love by passionate producers. The recipes are passed down through the generations and follow local traditions, as evidenced by the Provençal caillette, the black pork pâté from Bigorre or the foie gras pâtés with Quercy walnut liqueur. The rillettes when they are pure duck! Quality is not a luxury but an art of living... Find my selection of artisanal pâtés, pure duck rillettes and Provençal terrines in my online delicatessen.

  • Ready-cooked dish

    Discover our simmered dishes! Gourmet and authentic recipes, a reflection of our culinary heritage. Easy and quick to prepare, they smell "homemade". Eating well means taking the time to enjoy simple but tasteful dishes. Eating well means rediscovering the flavors of homemade and traditional recipes with quality products.

  • Soup

    Discover our Maison Marc vegetable soups cooked in Chemilly sur Yonne from vegetables grown in France without herbicides or insecticides. Our soups are cooked as simply as possible in order to respect all the flavor of the vegetables and are preservative-free.

  • Mushrooms

    Just pan-fried with garlic and parsley, the dried mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to meat and fish or can be sprinkled as desired in your salad accompanied by dried duck breasts. Mushrooms are also delicious in a sauce with fresh cream, in a gratin Dauphinois or in risotto. All our mushrooms are produced in France and come from the last French mushroom farms. It is in cellars at constant temperature under the rock on the banks of the Loire that oyster mushrooms, blue feet, shii take, button mushrooms grow. Transformed into mushroom soup, mushrooms in jars (oyster mushrooms, blue feet, shii take), mushroom mousseline, mushroom caviar, there is something for everyone.

  • Appetizers

    It is often the first minutes of a meeting that are the most important! Remember the time of your job interviews or your romantic dates... yes, the aperitif can say a lot about your personality and condition the rest of your evening;) A moment of sharing and conviviality par excellence , the aperitif is one of the favorite moments of the French. But it can become a headache when you want to surprise your guests with quality products! All tastes are in nature, why choose from our selection of aperitif products: Tapenade, Olivade, Poichichade, exemplary dried fruits, singular olive paste, artisanal crisps...

  • Spreads et apéritif

    The aperitif is often a time to discover new flavors accompanied by a good glass of wine or beer. Replace traditional commercial aperitif cakes with our artisanal products with unique tastes. Composed of vegetables, herbs and spices, the range of spreads from the small potains of Amaury without meat or fish, the flavors will be long in the mouth. We wanted a varied range of aperitif spreads with a search for originality and for a good moment of culinary sharing.

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There are 193 products.
Showing 1 - 193 of 193 items