I select some of the best French seafood delicacies. Did you ever tried Memmi's Bottarga? Like in Provence, try this mediterranean sea food speciality with a glass of rosé, it's amazing!

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  • Bottarga
    The caviar of the south, rare and luxurious, discover Memmi’s Bottarga, a traditional Mediterranean specialty, made with dried mullet eggs.
  • Fish Rillettes

    An authentic experience! Fish rillettes from Groix Island, Brittany, are refined and tasty! There are natural, without preservative or coloring!

  • Soupe & Dish

    You do not want to cook? Let's taste our soup and dishes! It's quick and easy! Don't feel yourself guilty! It is natural, homemade, without preservative or colouring!

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There are 13 products.
Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items