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  • French Pickles

    We find it in most of our cupboards but do you know where pickles come from? The pickle is the fruit of a herbaceous plant belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. Picked before maturity, the gherkin is originally an unripe cucumber. The time when pickles grew in the gardens of our grandmothers seems forgotten, just like the French terroir pickle which almost disappeared in 2004 when the pickle magnates turned to the continent of the rising sun leaving our farmers and our French know-how. But Florent and Henri Jeannequin, La Maison Marc pickle farmers from father to son for more than 50 years, did not disassemble! In 2012, in partnership with a local company, they decided to put the pickle picked by hand in Chemilly sur Yonne back in a jar!

  • Sauce & Condiment

    Get out of the monotony! Arm yourself with sauces, creams and other condiments and titillate your taste buds. Your meats will roar with pleasure when they are served with old-fashioned Burgundy blackcurrant mustard. Your still steaming bread will be boiling hot to go well with the summer truffle cream. As for your pasta, you will be worthy of a real mama, when it is topped with an authentic passata di pomodoro italiana!

  • Oils

    Olive oils will take you on the roads of Provence between green fruity, black fruity and matured olives. The creations of the various producers will bring a wind of freshness and novelty always under the sign of naturalness: yuzu, kaffir lime, Buddha's hand, myrtle... pressed or infused, the olive oil will be sublimated but never denatured! A lover of truffle flavors, truffle olive oil will enchant your palette. Between olive oil with white truffle from Alba or olive oil from Nyons with black truffle from Provence… your heart will swing. Rare and unusual, roasted hazelnut oil will immerse you in a gourmet universe. Camelina, hemp or pumpkin seed oils will be for you a discovery of new tastes and riches for health with their richness in Omega. The trip to the land of oils and flavors? We are at your disposal to advise you on 07 84 00 16 84 or via the contact form.

  • Vinegar

    It is thanks to a happy coincidence that we owe the vinegar...Leave a bottle of wine open, it will turn sour! Refreshing drink, natural antibiotic, preservative or condiment, vinegar has many qualities. Tasty, artisanal vinegar goes wonderfully with salads: lettuce, watercress, baby spinach, tomato, endive or mixed salad... Are you more of a carnivore? It deliciously deglazes meat...

  • Salt, Pepper, Herbs
  • Spices
  • Perles et grains de...
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There are 105 products.
Showing 1 - 105 of 105 items